Food photography is a way to take pictures good enough to eat.


There are so many uses I’ve been learning about for food photography. I was able to take three different food photos. The first one I took was an appetizer photo. I choose to do my favorite appetizer (chips and salsa), and for this photo, I wanted to show details. The second photo I did was a breakfast meal photo. This food photo turned out great because of the contrast in color and the motion of the milk going into the cereal. The last food photograph I did was a dessert photo. I wanted this one to feel moodier so I use a fast shutter and a continuous light. Since I did that I was able to capture a lot of shadows.

One other food photography style I did was one that involved people and an environment. I choose to do one with popcorn and a couple watching TV. I loved how this photo turned out because of how immersive the food photograph turned out.

Food Photograph- Appetizer

Food Photograph- Meal

Food Photograph- Dessert

Food Photograph- Environmental